Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hammer Time


This should be a blog about celebration, OK, a little trepidation too, but what an event and quite some preparation that has gone in to it!  I've taken it seriously, so I deserve my chance to take on the toughest challenge I'm ever likely to face when it comes to tests of fitness and endurance. Instead of being Hammer Time it's Hammer BLOW Time......

I remember as a kid I had a BMX bike that I didn't much look after, battered, never put away properly, unloved and uncared for.  Eventually some scoundrel stole my BMX and to be quite honest with you, I deserved to lose it to hopefully someone who would care more for it more than I did, it certainly taught me a lesson.

Fast forward to an adult me and my trusty steed has led a pampered life, regular post-ride scrub downs, servicing and plenty of spares and parts have been made available to my partner in crimes of lycra. We've been through plenty of highs and lows together as I've trained to LEJOG standard and my buddy has never even hinted at letting me down on any of the 2,000 miles that it proudly rolled around the South Coast with me at the helm.  But that has all changed now....

My bike has developed a crack in the frame and has been condemned, my dear companion and faithful buddy, never judged me in my lycra nor let me down on a hard day's riding in the saddle, but with a heavy heart I have to lead my two wheeled wonder to the knackers yard.

My head has been reeling all day, I'm incredibly busy trying to tie up loose ends in my new job before I head away for two weeks so all of this is quite frankly a nightmare.  We've organised this ride ourselves to ensure that every penny we raise goes to charity, it's been expensive and a taken a hell of a lot to organise, so this last test is just the icing on the cake!

One thing is for sure, this last minute disaster will not beat me, somehow, I will find a way (and I've been chuffed with the kind offers of help and support thus far too - brilliant).

Never give up, never give in and when you're bike is fit and well, look after it and take it on a nice long ride

Happy Cycling