Wednesday, 28 May 2014

All in a day....


A day.  A lot can happen in a day, it can be the best of your life, it can be a day that changes your life forever, a bad day at the office or the day you vowed to chase the dream you've always wanted.  Days can mark a special point in time, your anniversary, your birthday, a religious holiday.

I've had a mixture of days recently.  Wednesday 28th May is a special day, but it is tinged with sadness.

If Lisa was still around it would mark her 31st birthday.  It's a tragedy that she is not here to celebrate it.  But sometimes the stars that shine for the shortest time shine the brightest, and that she did.  Lisa battled cystic fibrosis almost in private, as much as she could she kept it out of her life.  I hope you find the following video inspirational, it's a small example of the courage, bravery and determination that Lisa and my father had.

A strange coincidence that the same day is also World Multiple Sclerosis Day (, and as you will have read in previous posts, the MS Society and CF Trust are the two charities we are raising money for via LEJOG and elsewhere.

And whilst some days are tinged with sadness, others on this journey are filled with joy.  On Saturday 24th June we held a murder mystery night at North Baddesley Infant School, over 100 people attended and a huge amount of people helped out from the organising on the day to donating prizes to our charity raffle.  It was an amazing night, filled with laughter and a fair few drinks which raised £2,000 towards our total and hopefully raised awareness of multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis! 

Here's an article if you'd like to read more about it:

On Sunday I managed a cycle with Brendon, we headed across the South Downs on an 85 mile circuit and I must admit, that day I felt like I floated up and down the hills, still buoyed by the tremendous time we had the night before.

Here's a selfie from the ride and the usual Strava profile

Lastly I'll sign off on Saturday 31st May - the most challenging day so far in my cycling challenge - the longest ride 103 miles.  It isn't as hilly as some of the others, so fingers crossed I can get a silver time (I need to cross the finish line 7 hours and 21 minutes after I start, last time out it took me 8 hours although I had wind and many more hills to contend with.  Fingers crossed

Here's a link to the ride if you're interested in the route:

Thanks for reading and happy pedalling!


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