Saturday, 28 June 2014

Go for it!


How are you? I hope you are doing well.

Today I was due to head off on a 90 miles ride, but a few problems with navigation, heavy down pours and the overwhelming feeling that I just didn't fancy it (again) mean I only ended up completing around 20 miles. But, it's not something I'm going to whine about, tomorrow I plan to head out and do a good ride, so I needn't feel to bad and looking at another downpour outside, I'm quite happy here catching up with a few things.

So, as I'm not going to waffle on about not completing my ride today I thought I better talk about something else, going for it.  There's also a little video and some pics from my last ride, so I don't think you'll be short-changed.

Recently I took up a new opportunity, I'd taken the decision that the role I was in wasn't for me and I wanted a new venture, something to challenge me, something exciting, rewarding and good for my career.  I took my time and had a good look around and finally settled on a small luxury hotel business, a fantastic offering, good backing and driven, experienced MD.  Having not worked with hotels before, some may not take the plunge and look for a safer bet, but I didn't.  I think sometimes you have to go for it, you have to try something different and you may be better for it.

I've taken this route several times before, a new job is one example, taking on LEJOG is another, and if I could pass on to you one piece of advice, it couldn't be better summed up than is this video by Jim Carey, but in short, you can live your life frightened about what might be or you can go out and give it a shot...

I hope you enjoyed that, as for me, week one at my new job went well, it's obviously early days but I'm excited about my new role.  And LEJOG, yes, I'm worried about it, my dodgy knee, some mechanical failure of other misfortune, but I can't let speculation ruin opportunity, so tomorrow marks another training ride and another step towards LEJOG, less than one months to go!

Finally, as promised, some pics from my epic 125 mile ride last weekend.  It all went fantastically well, over an hour quicker than I expected at a shade under 9 hours, but it was extraordinarily tough - I sincerely doubt I'll cycle that distance again, it's one for the serious athletes and sadly I'm not one of them!

And penultimately, here's the route

Happy cycling and chose love