Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The one you've been waiting for....


I remember sending an email out on 23rd April this year very well; I'd launched my charity giving site a few months before and I'd had some very good sponsorship which I'm very grateful for. One of the things I had done to spur the donations on a little was to promise to wax my legs my legs, if we raised £2.5k it was one and if it was £3k it was both waxed, but the deadline was 25th April.  We were quite a way short of the target and I was genuinely thinking it wasn't going to happen.

I had really mixed feelings at this point, on the one hand I was disappointed, two causes so very close to my own heart had not resonated with others, despite the mammoth LEJOG effort and my promises to put myself through the pain of leg waxing.  But on the other hand (and being much more realitic) there are so many people doing great work to raise money for charity it's difficult to get heard and people with tight budgets already give a lot to various causes throughout the year, this is just another one so you have to be mindful of that - and I didn't feel keen to pester people, but sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and just hope people just need a nudge, lives are busy and hectic after all.

The next two days were a real whirlwind, when I look back over this year it will certainly be one of the highlights, people started donating en masse, in just over 24 hours we raised over £1,100!  I guess people really wanted to see me in pain - haha!

Well, as part of the bargain I promised to post videos on line, so here they are.  But before you look at them, if you have not donated yet, please do by following the link below, then you can watch the videos with a clear conscience.  Enjoy the videos!

Many thanks